Blackwell Loadmaster manufactures towbars for nearly every vehicle on the road. Most towbars are made from a jig so that it provides the customer with a towbar that is Franchise quality, uniform and easy to fit. Towbars start at a rating of 1200kg for small cars and hatchbacks, to 1500kg/2000kg for medium towing capability on family sedans and wagons; through to large SUV vehicles and Utes in the 2500-3500kg range. All of these are available in either a fixed tongue or removable option.


Decks are manufactured to a size to suit each Ute (double cab, extra cab or single cab), and then painted black in our paint facility or sent to be galvanised. Once completed, they are assembled and fitted out with timber. Options here include: our most popular Oregon 20mm thick solid timber or marine type ply wood or as another option Kwila Hardwood.


The Ute Master Load-Lid has been developed to give a secure lockable Lid for your wellside Ute, but has the flexibility to carry a dirty wheelbarrow or some timber back from the merchant.


Blackwell Loadmaster manufacture and fit on site steel Bullbars as well as supply and fit air bag approved Alloy Bullbars, Nudge bars, and Front Ladder Racks. Our steel Bullbars are manufactured to a proven design, are strong enough for the toughest conditions and can be painted, powder-coated or galvanized to suit your needs.