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Attribute Description
Brand Name: Decks
Manufacturer: Blackwell
Make: Loadmaster
Model: Ute Decks

Blackwell Loadmaster manufactures Ute and small Truck Decks that are second to none! Decks that are the toughest on the market!

Our customers: farmers, tradesmen and contractors are a testament to the Quality and robustness of our Decks. With a design that uses only RHS (box section) for all the runners and cross members as well as the frame of the drop sides.

Decks are manufactured to a size to suit each Ute (double cab, extra cab or single cab), and then painted black in our paint facility or sent to be galvanised. Once completed, they are assembled and fitted out with timber. Options here include: our most popular Oregon 20mm thick solid timber or marine type ply wood or as another option Kwila Hardwood.

Decks are then fitted to the vehicle or packed and freighted to customers through out New Zealand.

The Deck design has a continual improvement element with the customer in mind, items like dog rings on the headboard, bottom mounted hinges, rope rails, smooth bolts and fasteners on the sides and an excellent view to the rear are all great features.

Download Standard Deck
Download Alloy Deck


  • 100% RHS box section construction
  • Painted black or galvanised finish
  • 190mm drop sides and tail gate
  • Lights inside steel frame for protection
  • 20mm solid pine timber floor
  • Mud guards and mud flaps
  • Two dog hooks on head board
  • Rope rails both sides


  • Rear Ladder/Pipe rack
  • Plywood/Transtex or Kwila hardwood
  • Higher/larger sides
  • Hydraulic tipper
  • Toolboxes under deck plastic or alloy
  • Gullwing boxes above deck


  • Custom made decks to order
  • Certifications as required
  • Ladder racks and other options

  • All